Common Sense Says First Things First  Means PEOPLE FIRST!

I’m David Francis Hallet. I grew up in Denver, attended East High School, served in the Navy for twenty-one years and transferred to the Fleet Reserve as a Senior Chief Petty Officer. I have a degree in Management and Human Relations and course work toward a Masters in Organization Development.

After living in many places, owning my own business, with a successful career in advertising, I chose to return to Colorado. Mostly retired, I drive the school bus everyday because I like to stay busy, interact with people and the kids are great!

We chose Loveland for many of the same reasons you did; a superb quality of life, the diversity of people and the opportunity to enjoy arts and recreation. I don’t have personal business interests that would profit by my election to the city council. My only goal is to play fair and represent the people of Loveland. I have learned you can’t lead or represent, if you don’t listen and put people first.

We depend on business, industrial and residential development. Cultural pursuits, open lands, historical preservation and vibrant schools also deserve our support.

I support a sustainable, conservative and diverse energy policy. And, I steadfastly support our right to have a timely say on our concerns of safety, health and the protection of property as energy extraction attempts to move into our urban environment. I would be honored to serve as your representative from Ward 4.

Candidate David F. Hallet

(970) 281-7345

Loveland City Council, Ward 4​